The Media Ministry is the “eyes” and “ears” of Best places to buy Viagra in Illinois New Faith Baptist Church International. Our mission is to ensure an optimal interactive experience for members and visitors alike. Our objective is to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our visually-driven, ever-changing world using technology and media as a worship and outreach tool.

This ministry not only provides the technical support required for our worship services but also records various events, teachings, and sermons, which are made available on DVD and for viewing on YouTube, TV broadcasts or here on our web site. Our goal is not only to enhance the worship experience by communicating with the congregation but also to extend the congregation beyond the walls of the church, delivering the message of Jesus Christ.

There are many opportunities to serve in the Media ministry:





*Social Media

Our doors are open to all (the young and not so young) who would like to join a dynamic team who is committed to providing the highest quality service while having FUN!! No experience required…but will be warmly received! Training is provided.

For more information about our media ministry or becoming a member, please contact:

Terry Reed, Media Director