Education Pathways: College, Career & Technical Ministry


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OUR VISION:  To encourage and nurture the spiritual and educational  development of students looking to build professionalism. 

OUR MISSION: To support and design programs and activities that promote educational direction.

WE ARE dedicated to developing our youth as they successfully transition into colleges, vocational institutions, and the world of work and business.  

WE ARE looking to recruit individuals who share our interest in creating the positive experiences that provide educational direction for our students as they seek to become professionals. 


Recent Programs & Activities


  • Scholarships: Awards for first year college students and students attending technical schools
  • Junior Achievement: Classes promote entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and workplace readiness. Offered from kdg thru               high school
  • College Care Packages: Packages to encourage academic success and offer words of inspiration for students who are away at            college
  • School Supplies Campaign: Collection of school supplies to be distributed by New Faith to needy schools
  • College Fair at 100 Black Men: Buses parents and students with information about 200 colleges and universities
  • Graduates Celebration: Annual celebration of all graduates: kdg, 8th grade, high school, vocational graduates, bachelors, masters,     and doctors


Education Pathways meets every 1st Tuesday at 6pm. Please contact us at

Janet C. Nash, Chair

Dr. Major Armstead, Co-Chair