• on 2019-09-22


In March 1992, a third service began on Saturday evenings and October 1992 the Children’s Church and Sunday school were moved to Woodgate School. With the addition of these ministries, the staff positions of Minister of Christian Education, Minister of Justice and Minister of Youth and Family were filled. The Building Program for the construction of new facilities was completed and the Ray/Dawson P.C. architectural firm was hired to design a 22-acre Master Plan and design and lead construction of future phases.
In October 1992, New Faith members contributed $101,245 to make the final payment of $192,000 on the 22-acre land acquisition. As of December 1992, the membership had increased from 414 to 2,347. New Faith has developed a diversified program to meet the needs of the church with emphasis on its Bible education program. The program includes Sunday school, and the Victorious Christian Living Institute (VCLI). Currently over 52 ministries have been developed. The total membership to date is over 2,000 and there are 40 employees (full and part-time). In addition, outreach to youth has necessitated the development of a youth ministry which targets high school and junior high school students with such programs as J.A.M. (Jesus and Me) and H.Y.P.E. (Helping Young People Excel). The addition of these programs has also created the need for a Minister of Youth Programming and most recently, a Minister of Youth Spiritual Life.